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Kayak Parts

If you’re sitting in a kayak for the first time, chances are you won’t have a clue what you’re looking at. You certainly won’t know which parts of the boat are what. Don’t worry though. We’ll highlight the parts you need to know about to make sure any time in the water is done so safely.

Cockpit: Simply put, this is where you’ll be sitting the entire time.

Front wall: This is the section between your legs that separates them.

Front & Rear Floatation Bags: These help give you a certain level of balance in the water.

Stern Grab Loop: Without this, it would be a hundreds time harder to pull your kayak out of the water.

Bracers: These are in two areas. This is one around the hips and one around the knees. These are important because they help keep you in place and are the difference between a bruised knee and being in the water.

Foot Pegs: If you feel like you don’t fit when getting in, then simply adjust these pegs. If you don’t, it will make for an uncomfortable ride that won’t be enjoyable.